Electricians Vancouver
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Electricians Vancouver

Electricians Vancouver

Electricians Vancouver

Past Projects

Coast Cranberry Farms Division of Ocean Spray - Motor controls, flood controls, telemetry, avionics, weather monitoring.

Tilsonberry Farms - Berry sorting machine, ball decker machine, berry scanner machine, charge hand for harvest season.

La Casa on the lake - Installation of store, restaurant, games rooms, 475 RV sites, pool, water & sewage filtration.

McAsphault Industries - Pyrotenex, PLC, Variable speed drives, temperature & flow monitors.

Fuch's Lubricants - Motors, controls, flow meters, steam tables, exterior & interior lighting.

Klondike Kidstuff - 3 Foam cutting machines, paint booth, blowers, air extraction unit.

Continental Store Fixtures - Lighting, table saws, compressor, bander, joiner, air vac system.

Cascade RV - Exterior lighting, power, trailer relocation.

Kitchen Concepts - Explosion proof lighting, power saw, planer.

Armor Deck - Interior lighting, offices, heating.

Richmond Terminals - Exterior & interior lighting, lunch room, pole replacement.

Bent Beauty Industries - Suntan booth, European steamer, offices, show lighting, display lighting, video displays, decorative lighting.

Kendalco - Automotive electrical equipment installation & repair

Pay Less Shoes - Signs, retail lighting & power

Film Production

Smallville - Fire alarm disconnect & reconnect, sump pump disconnect & reconnect, flood controls, pyrotenex controls, ventilation control.

SG Films Inc.

William Davis Center.

I am a fully qualified Field Safety Representative (FSR). This is required of generator operators to be able to obtain the appropriate permits and licensing for the operation of stand alone generators for lighting and crafts.

Recently completed the Film Industry Orientation and WHIMIS course.

Electrician Vancouver
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